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For any International students, scholars, and their spouses in Philadelphia or anywhere else around the globe!  We have 5 times per week that international students & scholars can have online chats with Americans. You are welcome to forward this We hope to have opportunities to do some fun stuff in person in Philadelphia when it is safe to do so.

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Today and every Monday 6-7:15pm Especially for international students & scholars We will begin with some topical chat questions and then discuss a passage of the Bible – John, written by a friend of Jesus who took care of Mary, the mother of Jesus, after he left this world. It is a story of Jesus written in a thematic and symbolic way– this will include help with English idioms & pronunciation just as we do in person.

Other Weekly English chats for International students fun conversations plus help with pronunciation, vocabulary, “how do Americans say that” – share with friends that are new to Philadelphia or planning to arrive soon. Alumni welcome.  Join Zoom Meeting https://intervarsity.zoom.us/j/367785734

Wednesdays all times are Philadelphia time

  • 2-3:30pm – Reading and conversations about sections of the Gospel of Luke, which talks about the life, words and miracles of Jesus. Roger Converse will host – Join Zoom Meeting https://intervarsity.zoom.us/j/94872023853
  • 6:30-7:30pm Each week watch a video or read an essay sent ahead of time, then discuss from a Biblical perspective with other American & International students Join Zoom Meeting https://intervarsity.zoom.us/j/231363093

Fridays all times are Philadelphia time

  • 12-1pm – Pronunciation, American Culture –Each week topics vary from American holidays, traveling around the U.S., ways Americans observe birthdays, weddings, fun facts about “this day in history” – individual help with pronunciation, vocabulary, etc. Join Zoom Meeting https://intervarsity.zoom.us/j/367785734
  • 8:30-9:45pm– Bible study looking at a famous artwork and the Bible passage it’s based on Picture & Bible story shared in zoom. Painting this week to be announced later. Join Zoom Meeting https://intervarsity.zoom.us/j/367785734

Stay a safe distance from others but stay connected.

Sarah Mitchell 215-300-2164  sarah.mitchell@intervarsity.org

Roger Converse 215-964-3563 roger.converse@intervarsity.org

*** “Intercultural Friends” is sponsored by Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) and partners with GLOBALCONNECTUCITY. We bring together students, researchers, and their families from any country, culture, or religion for the purpose of friendship, learning, and spiritual support. Discussions are sponsored by Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) and Penn Graduate Christian Fellowship (PGCF). For other classes and activities go to http://www.interculturalfriends.com or our calendar http://goo.gl/eAYzNJ